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I’ve always been a fan of Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier, their films, and their speaking tours. Over the winter of 2011-2012, Kevin Smith adopted Halifax as his second home and brought his show here 3 times. The last show was ‘Smodcast’ where they celebrated their 200th show.


My intention was simple – to get a print of my artwork and have Kevin Smith sign it. My first poster idea started before I knew Smith’s return would be with Mosier and Smodcast. That one got sidelined pretty quick as soon as the SMOD200 show was announced and I quickly set about creating a new version, which I based off the movie 300. After a few dozen tweets to Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier, the deal was done.

After the show, SCOTT MOSIER wandered out into the foyer and introduced himself to me and a group of friends. He thanked me for the poster and was nice enough to pose for this photo. He was very cuddly. 

The original poster illustration

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